Deep in thought

Chilasa takes an active and entrepreneurial approach with its partners.

What we are looking for:

  • Social Impact- Creation of quality low and semi-skilled jobs and livelihoods, and products and services that help break the cycle of poverty.
  • Entrepreneurs and teams with strong client focus and viable business plan for growth.
  • Products, services, business models that can be scaled or replicated in other locations.
  • Sectors Small industries, agriculture & dairy, food processing, and logistics.
  • Opportunity stage 3 years of operations. Late stage proof of concept, growth, or special situations requiring significant change.
  • Producer groups, small businesses, or NGOs that have started for-profit social enterprises
  • Geographic focus India: Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh.

What we offer Entrepreneurs:

Through our investment ecosystem we offer four integrated services that provide one partnership solution:

  • Financial Services in the form equity investment, or in exceptional cases performance grants. Our target range is USD$ 50’000- 250’000.
  • Capacity-Building Services in the area of strategic planning, business development, financial management, impact measurement, talent management and recruitment.
  • Market Access Services: Support to through strengthening production capabilities, organising producers into clusters to create volume, and connecting clients with local, national, and export customers.
  • Research & Development (R&D) Services: Through Chilasa’s partnerships with research led universities we have access to world class R&D expertise.
 For entrepreneurs seeking partnership opportunities send proposals to: proposalsATchilasa.org


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