Prof. Stephen Holloway

Prof. Stephen Holloway, Scientific Advisor

Prof.Holloway graduated from Leicester University with a PhD in Theoretical Solid State Physics in 1976, working in the field of gas-surface dynamics. After working for 6 years in Berlin, Copenhagen and Gothenburg, he joined the University of Liverpool in 1984 as a lecturer in the Department of Inorganic, Physical and Industrial Chemistry under the direction of Sir David King. He was part of the team that founded the UK Surface Science centre of excellence in 1988 and was Head of Theory until 2000 when he became the Head of the Chemistry Department.

In 2008, Prof.Holloway was appointed Dean of Science and Engineering and became Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Science and Engineering in 2009. In August 2013 he was appointed Provost of the University of Liverpool, with academic responsibility for innovation, partnerships and alumni relations.

During his research career Prof.Holloway has investigated a wide range of gas-surface processes from passive spectroscopic studies to heterogeneous reactions on catalysts publishing approximately 150 papers.

Prof. Holloway supports Chilasa by advising on scientific and technology related matters that arise during pre-investment capacity building, due diligence, and research and development support for portfolio enterprises.  He brings a wealth of expertise and networks to help make a lasting difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and micro and small enterprises that Chilasa partners with.

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