Nigel Majakari, Founder & Managing Director

Nigel is a social entrepreneur with a background in strategy and management consulting, business development, and sales and distribution. He has worked extensively throughout Asia, especially India, and spent nearly 10 years leading and managing change in social enterprises. Nigel has an MBA with a concentration on entrepreneurship and competitive advantage of micro enterprises in India. Click for more..

James Varghese, Director of Investments

James is an investment manager and corporate finance specialist with 25 years experience in the Indian and South Asian SME and microfinance sector. He is a Certified Internal Auditor and Chartered Accountant. Prior to joining Chilasa, he was the Chief Investment Officer for a USD$100m microfinance and social impact investment firm. Click for more..

James Rajanayagam, Head of Entrepreneurship

James is a technologist with experience in manufacturing and social venture capital investment in rural India. Before joining Chilasa he spent 8 years with a Technology Business Incubator, where he was responsible for identification of new enterprises with innovative technologies and business models, due diligence and mentoring of entrepreneurs. Click for more..

Joseph Thomas, Director of Impact & Innovation

Joseph is an engineer by training with 30 years experience in rural technology, agricultural, renewable energy, and social innovation within NGO, business and research sectors in India, South and South East Asia. Previously, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Villgro based in Chennai, a VC incubator for rural entrepreneurs. Click for more..

Prof. Stephen Holloway, Scientific Advisor

Prof. Stephen Holloway is Provost, University of Liverpool (UoL) with responsibilities for entrepreneurship and innovation. Formerly he is the Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. UoL is a research led institution with 36’000 students, a campus in China, and part of 24 Russell Group universities. Click for more..

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