Pre-investment capacity building


  • The purpose of Chilasa Angels is to sponsor and nurture entrepreneurs and social enterprises with scalable and disruptive business solutions to poverty.
  • Annual membership is by invitation and open to individuals, corporates, and institutions.
  • The network is facilitated through regional fireside meetings, and a planned on-line/mobile platform and video conferencing.
  • Angels pay an annual membership subscription and are requested to make a minimum project sponsorship commitment each year.
  • Angels can co-investment or syndicate with other angels, or sponsor a whole project.

The benefits of being an Angel

  • Opportunity to be a catalyst for building scaleable life changing social businesses in disadvantaged communities.
  • Access to a dynamic group of social entrepreneurs and high-impact projects that break the cycle of poverty.
  • Recommend and request specific sponsorship opportunities based around your geographic and thematic preferences.
  • Leverage your expertise, networks, and resources to support entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunity to syndicate or co-invest alongside a member only network of Chilasa Angels.
  • Participate in closed door fireside events to share knowledge and network with likeminded social impact investors and sponsors.
  • Benefit from the local knowledge,  expertise, and social impact experience of the Chilasa team.

If you would like more information please complete the Angel request form and we will be in touch shortly.

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